Store with Simplicity

AirNASS will simplify cloud storage for you. Using AirNASS, your IT can deploy filesystems anywhere in the world using a single AirNASS console. Airnass consolidates all your files in the cloud. You can now have your current and legacy data in the same structure. No more going back to archival data for searching through files.

No need for backup at each site. Airnass does it for you. No need to deal with backup hardware or software by yourself.

  • Recover files with ease, any Point-in-Time in minutes.
  • Ransomware protection
  • No need for a complex DR strategy
  • Accelerated Cloud File access with speed.
  • Saving on file storage.


Integrate with ease

File shares are one of the simplest and most effective ways of organizing workflow at any firm. Using AirNASS, you can leverage the scalability of cloud storage and, at the same time, enjoy the ease of file storage. Your team can focus on productivity while AirNASS does all the heavy lifting for you.

Bottomless Storage

AirNASS uses AirNASS Cloud, which is built using object storage. Now you don’t need to worry about scaling your file system, running out of storage space, or heavy egress fees.



Scale with Savings


Add On

Ransomware protection

Remote File Sharing


Multi Site