Gully Ball

Datnass Gully Ball

Datnass Gully Ball offers a simplified and efficient process for moving large amounts of data to Datnass S3. Here are the three steps involved:

  1. Order the Gully Ball: Start by placing an order for the Datnass Gully Ball. This portable storage device is designed to securely store and transport large volumes of data.

  2. Transfer to Gully Ball: Once you receive the Gully Ball, you can begin transferring your data onto it. Connect the Gully Ball to your local systems or network, and use the provided tools or interfaces to easily transfer your data onto the device. The Gully Ball ensures fast and reliable data transfer, allowing you to efficiently move large datasets.

  3. Return the Ball: After you have successfully transferred your data to the Gully Ball, securely package and return it to Datnass. You can follow the provided instructions for the return process. Once the Gully Ball is received, the data will be ingested into your Datnass S3 storage.

By following these three simple steps, you can easily move large volumes of data to Datnass S3 using the Gully Ball. It offers a convenient and secure solution for transferring data, especially when dealing with significant data sizes that may be challenging to transfer over traditional network connections.